Common name- African Golden Cat
Scientific Name- Profelis Aurata

Description- Mammel. The fur is typically cinnamon or reddish brown. They are twice the size of a domestic cat and their head is very small compared to the size of their body. The African Golden Cat has long, stocky legs and have large paws. Somes cats can have tan to black spots, or none at all. Their long tail ends in a black tip. The African Golden Cat hunts primarly on the ground, even though it can climb through the jungle's canopy. Prey includes rodents, small monkeys, birds and even domestic livestock. The mother usually carries the kittens for 75 days, and 1 to 2 kittens are born at a time.

Habitat- They live in the rainforests of west and central Africa, they seem to prefer moist forests with dense growth. The life span for the African Golden Cat is about 15 years. They have been seen resting on low branches of trees during the day and also high in the mountain ranges. These species don't migrate outside of the rainforests of Africa, because they like to stay near the equator.

Problems- The African Golden Cat encounters a lot of problems. They have to deal with deforestation and loss of habitat. Some tribes use their skin in ceremonial robes and use their tales to protect them when they hunt.

Solutions- Hunting is prohibited in only 12 of the Golden Cat's 26 range countries at present.