Made by: Laura

The Australian sea lion also known as the white-capped sea lion
Scientific name: Neophoca Cinerea

Description: Is a marine mammal in the family of Eared seals. The difference in size between the male and the females is extremely significant. The males get to be about 2.5 m and weigh about 300 kg. Females only reach about 1.8 m and weigh 105 kg. They have very small ears, large heads, and short narrowed flippers. They feed on fish, including octupus and small sharks.


Habitat: They are found on islands offshore of Australia, mainly on Kangaroo island and Dangerous reef in Southern Australia. Their habitat range is around the Australian islands in between the Houtman's Abrolhos to the the Pages islands. Problem: Fisherman kill them accidentally by getting them caught in nets.