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The Baja California Legless Lizard
A member of the reptile family
Description: A long slender lizard (about 4-7 inches long) without legs, blunt tail, smooth, shiny scales, and a shovel-shaped snout. Is often mistaken for a snake, but because it has eyelids, and, therefore, blinks, it's considered a lizard. Usually has a few dark lines running down its back. Color ranges from silver, to tan, to black.
Diet: Mostly eats various types of insects and larva, such as beetles. They gather food by hiding in nearby brush and then waits for the precise moment to attack their prey.

Offspring: Deliver around 1-4 live offspring during the months of September and November.

Location: Can be found in south-western North America and down throughout Mexico, and have been around since....?

Habitats/Above or Below Ground: Lives in moist, plant-covered soil, because it's essential that they stay slightly damp. The Legless Lizard is mostly above ground during the day when it hunts for food and such, but it can often be found hiding beneath rocks or leaf litter.

Life Patterns: They are not migratory because they have a relatively low temperature prefrence. They are able to withstand a wide range of temperatures. This also means that they do not hibernate, either.

Common Predators: They are hunted by ringneck snakes, common kingsnakes, deer mice, and long-tailed weasels.

Why Are They Becoming Endangered?
California Legless Lizards are