• Name:
    • Pink-Headed Duck, Rhodonessa caryophyllacea
  • Description:
    • Bird
    • 60 cm and has a long body and neck and has a stiff neck posture. The male has a chocolate-colored body, deep pink head, and hindneck. While the female and young ducks have a pinkish tinge to the head. The bill and legs are also pink. While the feet are a reddish black color.
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    • What does the species eat? This duck is omnivorous, they take water weeds and molluscs
    • Breeding : June to July . Nested on the ground. Tall tufts of grass. Close to water.

  • Habitat:
    • Eastern India, Bangladesh, and northern Mynamar. Last reported in 1935 from Bihar, India; Currently extinct.
    • Nest among grass.
    • Non-migratory, shy ducks that are usually found in pairs.
    • Above ground. No hibernation.
    • Predators or interspecies relationships?

  • Problems:
    • Habitat loss.
    • Forest clearance.
    • Persecution when India's hunting levels were high.
  • Solutions:
    • Conservation measures underway and proposed.
    • Survey of lands.
      • If any Pink-headed ducks are found then any measures will be taken to ensure their survival.

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Pink-Headed Duck
Pink-Headed Duck