Virgin Islands Tree Boa

  • reptile

external image usvi3.jpg
Its a small non-venoumous snake, it grows to about 3.3 feet, they are brown coloring with brown marks on them.
  • hunts only at night and eats lizards that are mostly alseep in the trees.
  • females incubate and hatch there eggs inside of their bodys producing 8-20 at a time.

  • Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
  • live in termite nests and under rocks
  • they are not migratory
  • hibernate above ground
  • they are preditors to any small animals and mostly lizards

  • due to human activity and introduction of exotic pretators

  • developed by the US FWS, and conservation efforts including captive breading programs and reindroducing captively bread boas back into the wild
  • were trying to conserve the land they once lived on
  • there ar captive breading programs to put the boas back into there invironments

  • author - Glenn, C. R.
  • website's name - Earths Endangerd Creaturs
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